Xue Qian, Viola / Violin

xueqianXue Qian started learning the violin and piano at the age of 5, and later picked up the viola when he was 13 under the tutelage of Judy Tay. He currently holds a Licentiate Diploma from the Trinity College London (LTCL) on the viola. Xue Qian has gained much performing experience, having performed with many musical groups before.

Xue Qian is currently president of the Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM), and was the principal violist of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and the Raffles Junior College Chamber Ensemble. Xue Qian also currently plays for the NUS Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed in several music festivals overseas, in New York, Florence, Aberdeen and Cheltenham. As part of the SNYO Principal Quartet under the guidance of the T’ang Quartet, Xue Qian has gained a significant experience in quartet performance, including the President’s Annual Diplomatic Reception at Istana.

Xue Qian constantly seeks for opportunities to contribute to the development of the Singapore musical scene, as well as to promote the art of classical music on top of his studies at NUS Law. He constantly seeks for ways to give back to society and use his music for a good cause, performing in fundraising concerts such as ChildAid.