Charity, Harp

Singaporean harpist Charity has represented Singapore in regional and international harp festivals – the Wales Harp Festival (2010), Asian Harp Festival (2008), Camac Harp Festival (2012), the Singapore-Malaysian Harp Festival (2010) and the Singapore Harp Festival (2008). In addition, she competed in the Wales Harp competition and the Singapore-Malaysia Harp competition in 2010, where she won joint second place (in which no first was awarded).

Charity is an active orchestra musician and has been a member of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra since 2008. In addition, she freelances with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra. Other orchestral gigs include the Nanjing Youth Orchestra (China), the Philharmonic Orchestra (Singapore), and the Orchestra of the Music Makers. (Singapore).

Charity is also an active chamber musician and was soloist for Ravel’s Introduction and Allegro with renowned flautist Jose Castellon from the Lausanne Conservatory (Switzerland).

Charity has participated in music festivals such as the Bowdoin Music Festival where she studied with June Han. Other harp masterclasses include those conducted by harpists Marie-Pierre Langlamet, Isabelle Moretti, Charlotte Seale, Imogen Barford, Gabriella Dall’Olio, Shannon Chieh and Eilidh MacRae.

Charity is currently pursuing a degree in harp performance under Gulnara Mashurova at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

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